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Our crowd funding campaign officially ended on April 2, 2018.

We're going to continue accepting donations until the end of LAX season.

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Cedar Park Boys Lacross depends on the support of friends and family to ensure growth in sportsmanship leadership through your generous donations.

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Who are the Timberwolves?

Boys Lacross Programs

Cedar Park Boys Lacrosse is a competitive and recreational lacrosse program that is committed to providing the best lacrosse experience in the Leander Independent School District for boys grades Kindergarten through 12th.

High School

The Varsity and Junior Varsity teams compete at the highest level in the Central Texas Division 1 North district.

Middle School

The Middle School programs compete in the Central Texas Youth Lacrosse Association.

5th - 6th Grade

We encourage athletes from different sports to get involved; new players get involved and contribute immediately.

K - 4th Grade

Focused on development of game skills and strategy, through teaching the basics of lacrosse and having fun.

Core Values and Fundamentals

The Cedar Park high school lacrosse program was established in 2001. Our club operates under strict UIL guidelines, as we continue to grow, we look forward to acheiving full UIL status in the future. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the USA.

Lacrosse is combination of strength, speed and strategy, and it is a sport that keeps the players active and involved.  We encourage growth of the athlete, leader and student as fundamental to his  experience.

Teamwork and Contribution

The boys work together toward a common vision, focusing on individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives.

Ethics and Hard Work

Hard work provides more value to our team and is important than success  and talent alone.

Winning Attitude

Our boys are not  afraid to fail as they are taught to  always portray a winning attitude.


Support Levels

Please donate ONLY what you are comfortable giving. We are grateful for your support, no matter how much you are able to give.

$25It's OK To Start Small

Every little bit helps.  We fully understand that it's not always easy to make a donation, even to the best of causes.  Our boys are greatful for your help.
16 backers

$50Make an Impact

Your donation would pay for a pair of referees for a regular season high school game.  Our team is responsible for all officiating costs at home games.
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$100You Have Our Attention

This donation will cover our cost for an afternoon practice on the turf field.  It's important to peform drills and practice skills on a true game surface.
14 backers

$250You Believe In UsFeatured

Your donation will go a  long way towards a tournament entry fee, and provide our boys the opportunity to experience the fun of competition.
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$500Timberwolf For Life

Your financial support will go a long way towards helping us staff team leadership and role models with the most qualified and supportive coaching personnel.
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I'll select amountOverjoyed Generosity

We couldn't do this without your help.  The families fund this entirely without help from the school.  Your help will greatly enrich their experience.
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Help us to make it happen

Cedar Park Boys Lacrosse Booster Club

The Cedar Park Boys Lacroworks is a 100% volunteer organization that works with the athletes, parents, coaches and Board of Directors to ensure a quality experience for the players and the fans. Lacrosse is an expensive sport, and all costs are the responsibility of the players and their families. The players must provide all of their own equipment which must be replaced every few years as they grow in size and skill. We must pay for all field use, coaching staff and officiating staff, with no support from the school or district that the players represent. So your support is absolutely necessary in order for us to provide our boys with the development and experience that will be carried with them for the rest of their lives. Thank you for your support.

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A Word From Our Coaches

Chris Knight

Varsity Head Coach
The beauty of coaching boys lacrosse, is that I get to touch lives and make a difference.  You wont have a perfect day until you've done something for someone who will never pay you back.

Jacob Penney

Asst. Head Coach / Goalie & Faceoff
In the end, it's about the teaching, and what I love about coaching are the practices, not the games or the tournaments, but teaching the players during practice. That is what coaching is all about to me.

Jessica Pyne

Head Coach - Youth & Middle School
I didn't know that I'd like coaching this much. Coaching both boys and coming out all the time and seeing how excited they are to play lacrosse. It reminds you of when you were that age and you wanted to be out on the field.

Brad Keel

Assistant Head Coach / Goalie & Faceoff
Goalies are lacrosse's greatest unsung heroes and  last line of defense.  The goalie's contributions never appear on the scoreboard at the end of the game, but his efforts determine the outcome of every game.

Updates On Our Fundraising Campaign

The Future is Bright

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